Why we're running in Region 1

Dear Fellow APA/AICP Member,

    The thousands of planners we have helped educate tell us they would really like to practice the sort of planning we taught them and APA/AICP has long advocated. We agree! APA/AICP needs to get its priorities straight and focus on achieving this goal. That’s why we’re running to represent our region on the APA Board (Frank Popper) and AICP Commission (Don Krueckeberg). You will receive your ballot shortly after February 22.

To visit the discussion of mandatory continuing education , click here.

The mishandling of continuing education illustrates how wrong current priorities are. Rather than providing the staff and financial support chapters need to produce excellent, interesting, affordable, and nearby continuing education offerings, the AICP Commission decided it would instead build an expensive bureaucracy to administer a compulsory continuing education program — even though the continuing education infrastructure isn’t there.

Without carefully thinking it out, AICP has launched a pilot mandatory continuing education program in New Jersey and two other chapters. If the purpose of compulsory continuing education is to motivate us to improve our planning capabilities, the pilot program doesn’t deliver. It awards continuing education credit for serving as a chapter officer (we thought this was service to the profession), visiting an historic site (sounds like summer vacation), and leading a discussion group (sounds like “let’s do lunch”). How do these three activities improve our planning capabilities?

This pilot program is an embarrassing waste of our dues dollars. The majority of the current AICP leadership ignores the finding of every AICP membership survey: we members want affordable nearby continuing education opportunities. We members don’t necessarily want a program that requires us to earn “x” hours of continuing education credits in order to retain our AICP membership. Give us the continuing education opportunities and we will pursue them without the threat of being expelled from AICP for not attending some arbitrary minimum number of courses.

That’s just one example of the misplaced priorities held by the current majorities of the APA Board and AICP Commission. Three other candidates you can vote for who share our values are Gary Johnson is running for APA President-Elect, Timothy Brown, for APA Board At-Large, and Daniel Lauber for AICP President-Elect. We have never met Gary or Timothy in person. But we have learned so much about their views on APA/AICP issues that we are convinced that electing all five of us will send a clear message: We members want an APA and AICP that place meeting the real-world needs of members among APA/AICP’s top priorities.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us with your ideas. With the help of some sitting directors and commissions, we can build new majorities on the APA Board and AICP Commission that respect the views – especially the common sense – of all members, keeps participation in APA/AICP accessible to the entire membership, and puts APA/AICP and the planning profession back on the path of excellence and openness. We look forward to hearing from you.

So when you receive you ballot in the next few days, please exercise your right to vote for independent, responsive leadership. Very few professional organizations offer this opportunity.


Don Krueckeberg, FAICP
Candidate for Region 1, AICP

732-932-5475, extension 735
Email: krueckeb@rci.rutgers.edu

Frank Popper
Candidate for Region 1, APA

732-932-4009, extension 689
Email to: fpopper@rci.rutgers.edu

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