APA/AICP Gets Serious About Planning Practice

With apologies to rock artists Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe, “What’s so funny about stable, racially–integrated communities?”

Racial discrimination, particularly in housing, continues to lie at the root of our nation’s continuing urban crisis. Throughout the U.S., communities are trying to avoid the traditional pattern of resegregation from all–white to all–black — often with efforts are too little and too late.

Resegregation can be prevented. The American Dream of stable, racially–integrated communities can be achieved with savvy planning and action. Now you can download one of the first efforts to define the parameters of his challenge and develop a comprehensive strategy (dare we say “plan”?) to achieve this goal.

See how the extreme levels of racially–segregated housing keeps America from being all it can be for all its citizens, and discover the techniques cities use to achieve and maintain stable, racially–integrated communities. Please note that this study is a work in progress even though a condensed version of it has been published as a chapter in two books.

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