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This email from AICP President Anna Breinich arrived here at 4:20 p.m. Central Time on Nov. 30, 2011.
We realize this is all subject to interpretation, but it sure sounds to us that she and her fellow
AICP Commissioners have no intention of backing down.

Tenured Faculty Membership Program Proposal

Over the past week, I have personally heard from over a hundred AICP members interested in the proposal before the Commission to create a membership program for tenured faculty at PAB-accredited planning programs. That's in addition to those members that read the online materials posted on November 11 and submitted comments through the website. I must say that my fellow Commissioners and I appreciate the dialog.

The Commission is considering a proposal to invite tenured faculty of PAB-accredited programs to apply for AICP membership. If qualified, the member would then be accepted without taking the exam. The grant of tenure, which requires extensive written materials and, typically, three or more levels of approval, is being considered as an acceptable alternative to the written Comprehensive Planning Exam. National and chapter leaders discussed the proposal on several occasions at APA's 2011 fall leadership meetings held in September in Washington, D.C. The proposal was also discussed with the American Collegiate Schools of Planning at their annual meetings in October. The Commission then decided to post the proposal for AICP member comment which was done through the November 11, 2011 edition of APA Interact for Certified Planners.

In developing the draft Tenured Faculty Membership Program proposal, the Commission struggled with many of the concerns raised by members. The eight AICP Commissioners are professional planners, elected from among AICP membership, trying to address a long-standing, difficult challenge of reaching out effectively to planning educators without undermining the value of the AICP credential. We feel this is one way to strengthen our profession and connectivity to those educating future planners.

We do look forward to a continued, more respectful and substantive dialogue with members on this issue and your thoughtful suggestions for improvement. I strongly encourage you to read the detailed information available online about the proposal, along with the form for submitting comments. After reviewing comments, we will offer an additional comment period on a more finalized draft.


Anna Breinich, AICP
Anna Breinich, AICP
President of AICP
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